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    Tourism Operators

    Enhance the gamified solution by designing captivating experiences and challenges that showcase the diversity of South Australia's attractions. They offer rewards such as discounts and exclusive access, motivating participants to explore various activities like eco-adventures, cultural events, and wildlife encounters.

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    Accomodation Providers

    Contribute by offering themed stays that align with different aspects of South Australia's tourism, such as beach getaways or outback adventures. They also collaborate with other stakeholders to create joint promotions, encouraging participants to choose accommodations based on their interests and providing a unique way to experience the region.

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    Heritige Custodians

    Play a vital role by providing historical content, stories, and virtual tours that highlight the region's cultural heritage. Through interactive storytelling and augmented reality features, they engage participants in an immersive exploration of historical sites, both remotely and in person, enhancing the overall understanding and appreciation of South Australia's heritage.